Pathways to Math Literacy

Pathways to Math Literacy is a new course that is likely very different from math courses you have taught. Luckily, it is designed to be an engaging and easy-to-use resource for you and your students. Additional support can be found in author-created materials, the course overview guide, and an author-narrated video series that walks instructors through each section.

We want to partner with you and your department to make sure that the support you receive is tailored to the specific goals and challenges of your course. Our priority is to ensure all faculty and adjuncts are confident in their understanding of the course and can use the materials and resources provided to achieve success.


Customized Support Includes:

  • Customized syllabi and schedule to fit your course competencies and goals
  • Author-led faculty training on managing the classroom and best practices
  • Regular webinars with the authors and colleagues to discuss challenges and success stories
  • Access to the author-built ALEKS or Connect course to use as your own or customize
  • ALEKS/Connect training and support throughout the semester
  • Digital Success Team Member dedicated to your course


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What are Students Saying?


Contact your Learning Technology Consultant to see samples of any of the following resources.


  • Annotated Instructor Edition (Includes teaching tips and exercise answers)
  • Instructor Manual for each lesson (Video Series)
  • Instructor Overview Guide with best practices
  • Unit Exams
  • Student Unit Exam Review
  • Excel Videos (Tutorials for students and instructors)
  • First Day of Class Presentation to help set up course expectations and goals for students
  • Group Projects
  • Group member evaluation form
  • Portfolio expectations and rubric
  • Instructor/Student ALEKS Registration instructions
  • ALEKS with new Math Literacy pie OR
  • Connect (coming soon!)