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Digital Learning Partnership Program

McGraw-Hill Education’s Digital Learning Partnership Program is an innovative, digital distribution program that ensures all students have access to their required learning materials. We’ve helped dozens of institutions implement distribution models through our Digital Learning Partnership Program.

Benefits of the Program include:

  • Access to critical course materials for all students by Day 1 through your LMS
  • Flexible business and delivery models to meet your institution’s needs
  • Discounted pricing options available
  • Digital materials options include eBooks and digital learning tools
  • eBooks available on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone
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How the Partnership Program Works

The Digital Learning Partnership Program is flexible, customizable and designed to meet the specific needs of your institution. We start by engaging with you and your key campus stakeholders to explore the model that is the best fit for your institution, faculty, and students.

Business Models and Pricing Options

We can establish a business model directly with you or in partnership with your campus bookstore. We have experience working directly with institutions and with all major bookstore chains (and independent stores).

1. Course Fee Model. In this model, the expense of digital textbooks varies from course to course and is encompassed in a student course fee assessed by the college or university as part of tuition. Students pay the university to access the digital learning materials and the university, in turn, pays the publisher.

2. Bookstore Model. Here the campus bookstore is brought into the equation to manage the delivery and billing of e-books. The bookstore collects enrollment information for a course and bills student bursar accounts directly for the cost of the digital course materials. In this model, the bookstore pays the publisher for the digital content.

3. Flat Fee Model. This approach charges a fee that is the same across classes, no matter what e-book is being used.

Digital Learning Materials Options

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The Learning Partnership Program offers an extensive catalog of thousands of eBooks, cases, and special content collections. In addition, our full suite of market-leading adaptive learning products are available.

Delivery and LMS Integration

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Our integration services ensure that the digital learning materials are seamlessly integrated with your Learning Management System (LMS). This drives ROI on your LMS and delivers a superior user experience for faculty and students. 

Implementation and Training

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Ensuring that faculty are successful with digital materials is central to improving students’ learning experiences. We’ll work with you to help train your faculty on how to access and use the digital materials delivered through the program. 


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