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Supporting the Georgia Transforming Math Remediation Initiative

ALEKS is an adaptive, artificially-intelligent learning system that provides students with an individualized learning experience tailored to their unique strengths and weaknesses. Because ALEKS is so flexible, it has been successfully implemented in many course formats to help students remediate and pass their college-level math courses.

CLICK HERE to see David Levin, CEO of McGraw-Hill Education, discuss with Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo how ALEKS can help students achieve their college dream, and how it can even affect student loan debt.


Click on the video to see how Broward College transformed remediation with ALEKS. View Additional Success Stories


ALEKS Georgia MATH 0999-MATH 1111 is a co-requisite model intended to effectively remediate students who are enrolled in a collegiate gateway course. The course combines comprehensive learning support and remediation with a college algebra curriculum.

ALEKS offers additional courses that cover both STEM (Algebra-Calculus) and non-STEM (non-Algebra) pathways by providing customizable content for each track. This content can be mapped to meet Georgia standards, making implementations efficient and consistent for statewide initiatives. View ALEKS Course Offerings


Course Format Flexibility:

ALEKS supports many course formats for the Georgia Transforming Remediation Initiative. ALEKS implementations across the country for statewide initiatives have included standard classroom setting (face to face), flipped classroom, lab, tutorial, and emporium-model computer based instruction. Learn More about Course Redesign with ALEKS



With powerful reporting that tracks data at the student, class, and instructor levels, just in time teaching can be easily executed by instructors for both small and large numbers of students. Additionally administrators can easily track detailed data at the institution and multi-campus levels. Learn More about ALEKS Reporting


Training and Services:

ALEKS offers complimentary resources and training to ensure instructors and students get the most out of their ALEKS experience. A dedicated team of digital faculty consultants and implementation managers are available to help with the deployment of ALEKS and throughout the semester. Additionally, McGraw-Hill offers a Digital Learning Partnership Program, which helps institutions ensure all students have access to their course materials.



ALEKS supports both math pathways and offers students affordable purchase and usage options. Since ALEKS access is length based, each institution has the option to determine the best purchase model for their implementation and to ensure that students aren’t losing time or money.


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