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Florida Redesign – The Solution is ALEKS

The state of Florida is shifting the focus on remedial education in hopes of improving student college completion rates. And at the heart of the issue is student success in math. David Levin, CEO of McGraw-Hill Education, explains on Fox Business’s “Morning Bell with Maria Bartiromo” the importance of math in achieving a college degree, and how it can even affect student loan debt.

Below are some of the ways Florida colleges are using ALEKS and its powerful data reports to address the new state requirements. Additionally, McGraw-Hill offers a Digital Learning Partnership Program, which helps institutions ensure all students have access to their course materials.



The flexibility of the ALEKS content makes it ideal for modules. Schools like Miami Dade College and St. Petersburg College use this model so students can work at their own pace and faculty can define content within each module. ALEKS is the only program that will continuously check for retention of skills as students progress through the modules.


ALEKS precisely diagnoses what each student needs to learn, therefore providing them with the most efficient path to completion. Broward College has seen excellent results by using ALEKS in their lecture-based, compressed courses. More students are completing the dev math seuqence, but most important, more students are successfully completing subsequent credit-bearing courses.


For colleges seeking a contextual pathway for non-STEM students, ALEKS plus McGraw-Hill’s new Sobecki/Mercer Pathways to Math Literacy program is the ideal solution. Pathways to Math Literacy and ALEKS create the perfect combination of an interactive, conceptual classroom experience with adaptive skills practice and assessment outside of class. Learn More


Seminole State implemented a hybrid course by mixing lecture-based teaching with an ALEKS lab component. Faculty determine the most important topics to cover during lecture, while students work through the rest of the material in labs. Hybrid redesign is most successful when faculty have deep data on student progress, and ALEKS provides the right data at the right time.


We all know students have unique gaps in their knowledge. ALEKS is the only program that can identify these weaknesses through an adaptive, individualized assessment. This is why ALEKS is perfect for co-requisite courses. Instructors can easily include prerequisite material to ensure students have a strong foundation of skills. Students automatically receive personalized “just in time” remediation.

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