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Best Practices from Digital Faculty Consultants


Mark Ahrens, Normandale Community College, MN

ALEKS is like your graduate assistant… checking every student all the time, checking what they’re learning, digging through their work, and finding out what each student knows and doesn’t know. Then it tells me where each student is in the course.

Alvina Atkinson, Georgia Gwinnett College

Some students resist using ALEKS. But it is usually easy to convince them to give this new approach to learning a try. Reminding them that the traditional model didn’t work for them is usually the most convincing argument.

Cindy Cummins, Ozarks Technical Community College, MO

Don’t be afraid of ALEKS.  Work your way through the features and options that are available so that you are comfortable with ALEKS.  You will very quickly see the benefits to your students. Read More

Eden Donahou, Seminole State College of Florida

At the beginning of each Chapter Objective, I send my students a printable practice test (created in ALEKS), along with other attachments of handouts and support materials relevant to the chapter. I use a Livescribe Smartpen to work the practice test, and include this for my students to reference as needed. Read More

Eliza Gallagher, Clemson University, SC

Start with an empty ALEKS pie and work through the entire course yourself using the Student View feature. Make sure any teaching assistants also complete the pie, from wherever an initial assessment placed them instead of from an empty pie. Read More

Denise Lujan, University of Texas at El Paso

With ALEKS, set requirements, document, and be firm. If you don’t have a very detailed process with consequences, students won’t do the work. Read More

Meagan McNamee, Central Piedmont Community College, NC

ALEKS has been incredible in helping increase my success rate and passing rate. I’ve taken my students from 50% to around 80% consistently. I’m no longer standing up at the board lecturing, but sitting right next to the student explaining exactly what they’re having trouble with.

Lisa Rombes, Washtenaw Community College, MI

In my classes with Connect Hosted by ALEKS, I simply couldn’t function without it. I use the time tracker to see how much time students are spending on not only the assignment, but on individual questions.

John Ryan, Long Beach City College, CA

Having computers in the classroom for students to work on ALEKS has had the best success for us, along with an optional break-out room for mini lectures. Read More


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