Mathematics & Statistics



Introductory Algebra, 3e

Miller/O’Neill/Hyde ©2015
With an excellent writing style and market leading support materials, Miller/O’Neill/Hyde have been transforming student success in Developmental Mathematics. CLICK HERE to view a digital sampler.
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Introductory Algebra with P.O.W.E.R. Learning, 1e

Messersmith/Perez/Feldman ©2014
The POWER Framework is a research-based methodology to improving study skills. This revolutionary approach is available for the first time in Developmental Mathematics. CLICK HERE to view a digital sampler.
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Beginning Algebra, 4e

Miller/O’Neil/Hyde ©2014
The Miller/O’Neill/Hyde author team continues to offer an enlightened approach grounded in the fundamentals of classroom experience in their texts. The texts reflect the compassion and insight of its experienced author team with features developed to address the specific needs of developmental level students.


Beginning Algebra, 1e

Hendricks/Chow ©2013
Hendricks and Chow set out to create course materials that help today’s students master mathematical concepts and build life skills for future success. Success strategies are well-integrated and purposeful and relevant, student-centered examples help build critical thinking skills. CLICK HERE to view a digital sampler.


Beginning Algebra, 9e

Baratto ©2014
An excellent approach to teaching Developmental Mathematics through applications. Students learn better when they know why they are learning. Baratto/Bergman/Hutchison achieve exactly the right balance.