Mathematics & Statistics


Re-imagining Math Placement with ALEKS

Today, ALEKS is re-imagining math placement at institutions across the nation, helping them dramatically improve placement accuracy, learning outcomes and prepare future students for college-level course work with ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning. Contact for more information.


The Key Components That Make ALEKS PPL Unique

  • Artificial intelligence targets individual student knowledge gaps
  • Open-response, adaptive assessment covers hundreds of topics in 30 questions or less
  • Seamless transition from placement assessments to precisely targeted learning modules
  • Online flexibility allows for on- and off-campus testing and simple implementation
  • Capable of placing college students into courses ranging from developmental math to calculus
  • Mastery-based learning motivates students to achieve higher placement results
  • Saves both institutions and students money


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How it Works
ALEKS is personalized to each student – no two students have the same learning path. ALEKS identifies the unique gaps in each student’s knowledge foundation, helps the student to close those gaps, and enables the student to enter a course fully prepared and with greater confidence. Thus, in addition to the high accuracy of the ALEKS math placement assessment, time spent in the ALEKS Preparation and Learning module is another, powerful driver of student success.

ALEKS PPL has the most accurate and efficient assessment engine on the market. Students are able to immediately begin targeted learning by selecting topics that ALEKS has identified that they are “ready to learn.” Several features are designed to increase student usage of the Prep and Learning modules including the option to require students to work for a set number of hours before taking subsequent placement assessments. As students increase their mastery level in the selected ALEKS prep course, they will gain confidence and will be better positioned to enroll in and ultimately succeed in a higher level course.