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New and Improved

  • Restructured Introductory Chapters: In response to reviewers, the five introductory chapters common to all versions of the book have been restructured.
  • New discussions of the financial crisis, the recession, and policy response appear throughout Chapters 24-34.
  • New chapter on Behavioral Economics: By building upon the material on prospect theory that appeared in Chapter 6 of the 19th edition, we have created a new full-length chapter on Behavioral Economics for the 20th edition.
  • New chapter on Government’s Role and Government Failure: A new chapter on “Government’s Role and Government Failure” now appears as Chapter 5 in the introductory chapters common to all versions of the book.
  • Reworked End-of-chapter Questions and Problems: In response to enthusiastic instructor demand, we have significantly increased the number of end-of-chapter problems and questions.
  • New “Consider This” and “Last Word” examples. “Consider This” boxes offer student-oriented real world examples to help reinforce important economic concepts and themes. “Last Word” sections are real world applications or case studies at the end of each chapter.
  • Current Discussions & Examples Throughout: The 20th edition refers to and discusses many current topics.
  • Available with a fully-loaded version of McGraw-Hill’s Connect Economics including:
  • Auto-Graded Assignments
  • Algorithmic Problem Sets
  • New Graphing Tools
  • Pre-Built Assignments
  • LearnSmart Advantage Suite
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