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What is Asarta/Butters Principles of Economics 1.0?

Asarta/Butters is a product that is interactive, adaptive, and in alignment with how today’s students seek and learn new information. Powered by McGraw-Hill Education’s LearnSmart Master, Asarta/Butters is the most interactive and adaptive learning experience for the principles of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and survey of economics courses. Every aspect of Asarta/Butters was developed specifically for a digital experience–allowing content to be free from the constraints and limitations of a traditional textbook’s structure and format.


How is Asarta/Butters 1.0 different from a traditional textbook with an online homework system?

Asarta/Butters delivers a learning experience that taps into the study behaviors and learning methods used by today’s students, while empowering instructors to take advantage of new technology to reinvent their principles course. Every piece of content was developed and designed for the digital world, making Asarta/Butters a truly digital-first product. Asarta/Butters 1.0 is unique because it breaks free from the limitations and constraints of a traditional textbook’s structure and format. Version 1.0 includes 220 concepts that span the most commonly taught learning objectives in principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics. Flexible instructional designs allow educators to handpick every aspect of the curriculum, from teaching methodology to concepts covered and sequencing.


What will Asarta/Butters 1.0 allow you to do differently in your principles class?
  • Spend more class time on engaging activities.
  • Feel more like an educator: start teaching and stop lecturing.
  • Have more time to develop the materials needed to flip your class, or transition to a blended course model?

Asarta/Butters addresses these questions by providing a new approach to holding students accountable for their learning outside of class. How?

By combining the most advanced adaptive-learning environment with the author’s concept-based approach, students will remain focused and on task with what they (a) need to learn, (b) need to review, and (c) need to practice. With 220 professionally produced videos, thousands of adaptive practice questions, and hundreds of interactive graphs and examples, Asarta/Butters students achieve higher levels of mastery and critical thought outside of class, empowering educators to have more enriching and enlightening learning experiences in class.

Dr. Carlos Asarta


Dr. Carlos Asarta is the Director of the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship (CEEE) and Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Delaware. He holds Masters and Ph.D. degrees in economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His scholarly work focuses on the areas of economic education, assessment and economic/financial literacy. His research has been published in academic journals such as the Journal of Economic Education and the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education. Dr. Asarta is the recipient of several teaching, service and research awards including the 2013 Association of Students of the University of Nebraska Outstanding Educator of the Year Award, the 2012 Rising Star Award from the Council for Economic Education and the 2011 Phillip Saunders Best Research Paper Award from the National Association of Economic Educators.

Dr. Asarta narrated many of the English-language videos and all of the Spanish-language videos. He is lead author for the microeconomics content of Asarta/Butters.


Dr. Roger B. Butters


Dr. Roger B. Butters is a dynamic leader, lecturer and advocate for economic education who teaches in both the public and private sectors. The developer of online competitions and assessment websites that are used by thousands or students, educators, and researchers each year, Dr. Butters has extensive experience in applying technology to the classroom, and online education. Roger has taught seminars on economics and international finance at universities in the United States, Europe, and China. His primary research interests are in the fields of economic education and regional economics. A recipient of the “Rising Star Award,” in 2009, and the “Philip Saunders Best Research Paper Award,” in 2011, he was recently given the honorary title of “Admiral in the Navy of the State of Nebraska” for his work promoting economic literacy. A former equities trader with Fidelity Investments, Dr. Butters holds a Master of Managerial Economics from the Marriot School of Management and a M.S. and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California – Davis. A Professor with the Foundation for Teaching Economics, and past president of the Nebraska Council on Economic Education, Roger is currently an Associate Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College.

Dr. Butters narrated over half of the English-language videos and is lead author for the macroeconomics content of Asarta/Butters.

What are instructors saying about Asarta/Butters?

Over 250 principles of economics instructors have been involved in developmental reviews, focus groups, and class-tests throughout Asarta/Butters’s development. All 250 instructors answered the following questions:

instructorfeedback1 instructorfeedback2 instructorfeedback3 instructorfeedback4 instructorfeedback5

EM-Zacor-v1_image1Quotes from Instructor Focus Groups

  • “Asarta/Butters is a product that removes the mundane aspects of the classroom and allows you to have more engagement with students by bringing the principles to life.”
  • “An engaging digital learning environment designed the way today’s students want to learn. The use of video, practice questions, and interesting examples brings economics to life. Can be implemented in a variety of ways that fit the way you want to teach, allowing you to do more of what you love to do—connect with your students!”
  • “Succinct, to the point coverage of principles of economics topics that have been broken down into granular learning objectives, allowing flexibility in how you want to teach you course.”
  • “This product is a digital adaptation of not only a textbook, but also the entire online learning environment. Asarta/Butters allows for better use of student time, both in class and outside of class, by tailoring the lessons in an adaptive way.”
What are students saying about Asarta/Butters?
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