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Connect empowers students by continually adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it and how they need it, so your class time is more engaging and effective.


Connect is proven effective.


Connect empowers students and leads to better results.

As an integrated educational platform, Connect seamlessly joins superior content with enhanced digital tools to deliver precisely what a student needs, when and how they need it.


Empower students to take charge of their learning.
Connect now features these advanced capabilities:

Effective & Efficient Learning

Ensure maximum learning impact with Connect’s SmartBook, a continually adapting reading experience that introduces learning resources at the precise moment of need. Effectiveness studies have shown that students, on average, improve one letter grade using Connect.


At-a-Glance Performance Dashboards

Take a just-in-time approach to teaching and learning with Connect Insight’s actionable, visual analytics. Now available for both instructors and students, these dashboards empower learners and help improve class performance.


A Mobile, User Centered Experience

Put students first with Connect’s redesign, which provides seamless integration of learning tools and places the most important priorities upfront in a new ‘to do’ list with a calendar view across all Connect courses. Enjoy on-the-go access with the new mobile interface designed for optimal use of tablet functionality.

We’re here for you.


Connect users receive comprehensive service, support and training throughout every phase of our partnership.

Both instructors and students can access live, personal support or on-demand training materials. Plus, our talented team of Connect experts is ready for peer training and collaboration on integrating Connect into your course.


Digital Faculty Consultants

Our network of passionate educators is dedicated to advancing student learning. This team of experienced Connect instructors is ready to help fellow peers achieve success using the platform. Learn more at




From curious inquiry to committed implementation, we provide training to help you succeed:

  • The Digital Faculty Consultants can advise on the benefits of Connect, based on first-hand experience.
  • The Digital Success Team, experts on Connect implementation, delivers one-on-one or group trainings for you and your colleagues.
  • The First Day of Class program consists of short, student introductions to Connect, its benefits and purchase options, and clarifies how to onboard.


Our Customer Experience Group is available for in-the-moment questions, and our team of Learning Technology Representatives and Digital Learning Consultants is ready to personally introduce Connect to your students on the first day of class.

Click here to visit the McGraw-Hill Customer Experience Group (CXG) Support Center.

Connect simplifies everyday life.


Year after year, satisfied instructors continue requiring Connect because it’s easy-to-use.

The latest release of Connect continues this tradition with mobile access and a more streamlined user interface. When combined with Connect’s flexibility and comprehensive support, it’s clear why Connect is the most recommended learning system.


Get Better Results

Numerous studies conducted over years tell the same story: Students are more likely to stay enrolled and get better grades when using Connect. On average, students improve one letter grade with Connect. New visual analytics coupled with powerful reporting provide immediate performance perspectives. Connect makes it easy to keep students on track, while inspiring success.


Close the Knowledge Gap

Connect’s superior adaptive technology empowers students to take charge of their learning. By pinpointing exactly what a student knows and doesn’t know, Connect seamlessly surfaces content and learning resources designed to close the knowledge gap.



Trust in Superior Academic Content

From curious inquiry to committed implementation, we provide training to help you succeed:


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